Presentation of the project

The INTICOSM project aims at the cross-border development of biosourced compounds and their use in the field of cosmetic formulation. These compounds, known as green cargo ships, will preferably be produced from biosourced molecules primarily from biorefineries in the Franco-Belgian region (in particular the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery near Reims, the largest in Europe and BioWanze in Wallonia, the largest producer of bio-ethanol in Belgium), while respecting as much as possible the principles of green chemistry, in particular by reducing the use of solvents and the number of synthesis steps. It will be considered to prepare cargo ships that can selectively release cosmetics depending on the medium or temperature. Regulatory constraints and costs will be taken into account to ensure their competitiveness in relation to existing petroleum compounds. This part will be carried out in France (URCA) and Flanders (UGent).

The molecules obtained will then be used in cosmetic formulations; the encapsulation power will also be studied by advanced methods, as well as their toxicity. This study, scheduled respectively in France (ULille) and Wallonia (Gembloux AgroBioTech), will make it possible to establish a structure/reactivity framework that will lead to the choice of a few cargo ships (the most efficient and least expensive) which, after scaling up, can be tested with manufacturers in the INTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen area. VITO and the CERTECH Chemical Technology Resource Centre will be able to facilitate technology transfer by proposing precise specifications and facilitating gateways to the cross-border industrial fabric with the support of competitiveness clusters on each of the three sides (The French competitiveness cluster Industries des Agro-Ressources (IAR), Greenwin and Catalisti). A training through education component (M/D levels) will be carried out by the French and Belgian partners and the involvement and experience of Accustica and Vivasciences in this project will facilitate communication to the "general public"

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