Certech presentation

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Certech is a contract research organisation offering a wide range of services to industries involved with chemical technology, such as chemicals, polymers, automotive, packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, building and environment as well as taking part to collaborative projects. Certech strategy focused mainly on three axes, namely environment, polymer materials technology and industrial processes:

- Environment: air quality, health & safety, energy, circular economy

- Polymer materials technology: bio-based) polymer & composites, emissions and odors from materials, functional barrier materials, mechanical recycling.

- Chemistry and industrial processes: intensified/continuous process, micro/meso fluidic technologies, catalysis & synthesis, chemical recycling.

Certech mission is to support the innovation process in small and large indus­trial companies, by offering services and contract research programs, product and process development capabilities. Services include analytical, physico-chemical and sensorial measurements, problem-solving, reverse engineering, regulatory assessment, technological guidance. Contract research programs are carried out aiming at developing innovative product and process up to pilot scale by exploiting sustainable chemistry and process intensification in order to meet future societal and industrial needs. Certech is ISO9001 certified, ISO17025 accredited, and has a direct access to a wide range of analytical tools and facilities allowing inorganic, organic syntheses and polymerization using continuous flow reactors and pilot scale reactors, compounding and processing of bulk materials, suspensions and coatings, complete characterization of polymer materials, and gas sampling, chromatography and dynamic olfactometry analyses, diagnosis and remediation.

The expertise of Certech in chemistry and process intensification is an asset for the InTiCosm project, in which both efficiency and sustainability are key targets. Certech will develop intensified systems, using notably either commercial or home-made specific microfluidic devices, to produce the different cosmetic ingredients with high purity and productivity. Certech will also work on the dissemination of the different results of the projects thanks to its numerous industrial collaborations.