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University of Lille

The University of Lille has been officially created on January 1st, 2018, as a result of the common desire of the three universities of Lille to build a leading European university, recognized worldwide for its research, the excellence of its education and its innovative lifelong training. The ULille is a multidisciplinary university, covering 4 training areas: Sciences and Technologies; Life Sciences and Health; Arts, Literature, Languages, Human and Social Sciences; Law, Economics and Management. Research plays an essential role at ULille, which enjoys strong ties with leading bodies such as CNRS, INSERM, INRIA, Pasteur Lille and Lille University Hospital. The ULille policies aim to reinforce the inter-disciplinary research, in line with major social issues, knowledge transfer and public-private partnership. Key figures: 67000 students; more than 520 degree diploma in Science, Technology, Engineering, Law, Health, Economics, Management, Languages, Human and Social Sciences, including 24 degrees fully taught in English; 66 research units; 3300 lecturers and researchers; 350 tenured and post-doctoral researchers; 13 ERC grantees; 2000 Doctoral Researchers, 6 Doctoral Schools; over 3000 scientific publications each year.

ULille is currently involved in more than 100 European research projects.

A rich network of collaborations with leading establishments and teams around the world (more than 25 Associated or Joint Laboratories) reflects ULille potential in collaborative research and training projects.


CISCO team

The CISCO team is a research group of the Laboratory UCCS UMR 8181 at the University of Lille. It is located on the campus of Villeneuve d'Ascq in the North of France. It is composed of 8 teachers-researchers and 1 assistant-engineer. Its research activities integrate 3 areas of expertise: i) oxidation (oils, fragrances, antioxidants, drier, catalytic oxidation, etc.); ii) agro-sourced functional compounds (green solvents, surfactants, hydrotropes, solvo-surfactant and their applications in extraction, solubilisation, detergency, cosmetics, foods, etc.) and physicochemistry of formulation with the developments of novel concepts, tools and methods (emulsions and microemulsions, EACN, PIT-slope, HLD, Hansen parameters, modeling, chemometrics, etc.). Thanks to the synergies arising from its expertise, the CISCO team has a national and international reputation, generating numerous academic and industrial collaborations. It participates actively in the regional (CPER, Chemistry and Materials), national (ANR, ADEME, FUI), or international (PCP France-Venezuela, Sakura France-Japan project, European project, Interreg) research programs. The originality, strength and visibility of the CISCO team come from its expertise in the chemistry and physicochemistry of formulation and its ability to conceive, characterize and pprehend complex molecular systems. CÏSCO has many industrial collaborations for a long time with multinationals (e.g. Unilever, Cargill, L'Oréal, Solvay, Total, IFF) as well as with SMEs. It recently set up a High-Throughput screening platform called HT-SMART-FORMU dedicated to formulation. In symbiosis with research, the CÏSCO team has also been the first to develop a specific training in formulation in France in 1990 which has become the Master "Chemistry and Formulation Engineering" in 2004 with a national and international visibility.